Our team is growing! As our company has expanded into a new facility, we’re dedicated to bringing the latest technology and best talent as we grow our company! That is why Euro Machining always buys new CNC machines, in order to offer the best accuracy, repeatability, speed and technology to machine the most intricate designs and requirements. We’ve recently hired several machinists and added 4 new machines that are up and running. Machinists are the key to maximizing our output, both on a technical level and on a production level. Hiring those that have decades of experience allow Euro Machining to quickly tackle every job that we machine with the right approach and skill required for the challenge.

Experience Matters

If you are in the market for a good group of machinists for your machining or production needs, the first question you should ask yourself should be: is the company I’m working with one that has a proven track record of quality? While some CNC machine shops may say they can do your work quickly and well under your budget, in many cases this comes at the expense of quality and reliability. Businesses from the medicaloil and energy, and automotive industries all know full well that the difference between a useful part or prototype and one that might as well go in the garbage is a fine line, and that even defects that are invisible to the naked eye can cost you large amounts of money and labor to fix.

At Euro Machining we have the experience and knowledge needed to produce high-quality parts or prototypes and with a level of quality and reliability that is second to none.

Choose the Best Manufacturing Partner

Euro Machining, located in Santa Clara, CA and machining in the San Jose, CA area, is a machine shop specializing in prototype, and short and long run production CNC turning and milling. Euro Machining is a quality Machine Shop serving High-tech industries. We make highly accurate parts for many customers with a wide variety of materials, like titanium, inconel, invar, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, and many more. Our automated and computer-enhanced CNC machines provide precision, production speed, and products finished on time or ahead of schedule.

Every single one of our products is made using cutting-edge equipment and is backed by our total commitment to quality. Our years of experience also gives us the ability to provide exceptional services that improve your part or prototype while saving development time and costs.

Contact Us

The entire staff at Euro Machining is committed to offering an exceptional experience from the moment you first contact us. Whether it is Assembly, Production, Contract Machining, Short Run, Long Run, Prototype, Product Development, Quality, Quick Turn, Custom Manufacturing, Rapid Turn Prototype, or High Precision Machining. our experienced staff will provide you with the service you need at a value that fits your budgetary requirements. Contact us today by filling out the contact form on our website.