Engineering Services

At Euro Machining, our team of experienced engineers has earned a reputation for developing innovative solutions and delivering services that exceed your highest expectations. Using the latest 3D CAD/CAM systems (SolidWorks, AutoCAD, MasterCAM), our programmers start by studying your current design environment, your operating constraints, and your design goals. Working closely with you, we identify the most effective ways to overcome any obstacles and create a precise end product.

Our proven technical expertise and structured product development process can reduce your development risk, manage your costs, and cut time to market while delivering quality parts to your exact specifications.

You can view some of our engineered products by clicking on the images below. (Internet Explorer 5.5+ is required, and you may be prompted to download the eDrawings ActiveX control. Some parts may take a minute to load).

Categories of Service

Functional Prototypes
Durable plastic & metal parts and assemblies used for design and engineering purposes, including fit-check and functional testing.

Presentation Models
Static and interactive models used to convey conceptual design and marketability – which can be finished for show-quality presentation.

Production Parts
Production of end-use plastic and metal components and assemblies directly from a CNC machine.

Casting Patterns
3D solid models used to create impressions and cavities in RTV tooling – to secondarily cast or mold plastic or metal parts.

Developing Services
2D to 3D CAD Conversion, Reverse Engineering, Tooling CAD/CAM, Collateral material presentations.

We understand the need for accurate industrial design prototypes. Our facilities are equipped to provide the most accurate representation of your design. We also deliver highly accurate complex functional prototypes that simulate final production parts.

This service provides a profound resource for development of complex programs. Our staff has been performing such miracles for high demand clients. Those customers rely on our services to execute the most complicated functional and aesthetic parts for their products. They like our work.


CNC Machining
Milling away unwanted material to produce plastic and metal functional prototypes, production parts, injection molds and casting patterns…

Prototype Short-Run
The prototype parts made of metal and plastic directly made by manual or CNC machining PCBA Fabrication…

CAD/CAM Services
Creation of 3D electronic data files using CAD resources for product development & prototyping. Reverse Engineering, 2D to 3D CAD Conversion…

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