Readers of this site understand Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology, but anyone who has not heard of it before will know about it soon, considering the widespread acceptance of this foundational tool used by tech-savvy manufacturers. Today, CNC machines are found almost everywhere: from rural communities to Fortune 500 companies in large urban cities.

CNC – The Basics

The first benefit offered by CNC machine tools is improved automation. The operation intervention needed is either greatly reduced or eliminated. This gives CNC benefits such as reduced operator fatigue, fewer mistakes caused by human error, and consistent and predictable machining time for each workpiece.

The second benefit offered by most CNC machine tools is the flexibility. Once a program has been verified and executed for one production run, it can easily be recalled the next time. This greatly improves changeover speeds.

The third benefit offered by these machines is the consistent and accurate work pieces it helps create. Today’s CNC machines have unbelievable accuracy and repeatability specifications.

CNC Programmable Accessories

A CNC machine is programmable in several ways. The specific machine type has much to do with what accessories are programmable.

Spindle Speed and Activation

The spindle speed can be easily specified and the spindle can be turned on in a forward or reverse direction.

Automatic Tool Changer

Most machining centers can hold many tools in a tool magazine. When required, the tool can be automatically placed in the spindle.


Many machining operations require coolant for lubrication and cooling purposes. The coolant can be turned on and off from within the machine cycle.

CNC Machine Tools Allow Instant Creation of Anything

We know this sounds a bit science fiction, but it’s possible with 3D printing. Three dimensional printing using resins, plastics, metal allows, and nylon printing is occurring in small shops around the world, and this is just the tip of the iceburg.

These are just a few of the nuggets of knowledge that we keep stored away. We truly believe in getting the job done right the first time no matter how much prep time goes into making an awesome product. We invite you to visit our machining firm in Santa Clara, CA, or you can give us a quick call at 408-845-9300. We look forward to talking with you soon.