Machine shops use various machining tools to manufacture metal components via machining. Machining is a process where metal or any other raw material is selectively removed to create a desired shape. Ranging from simple to complicated pieces, machine tools can create parts of varying sizes and shapes for a wide range of machining projects.

Machine Shop Tools Are Used By Different Industries

The tools used in machining cut, shear, grind or boar various materials with the goal of refining the existing shape or revealing a new shape from a particular material. These tools come with a gripping device so the material can be held on in place while a cutting mechanism, otherwise referred as the tool path, is run against it.

In the recent years, these machine tools have slowly evolved. Today, we now use computerized numerical control or CNC machines which have the capacity to repeat consequences with high levels of precision. Various techniques are used to remove unwanted metal when fabricating or shaping parts, including abrasive cutting, multiple edge cutting, electrical discharge machining and single edge cutting tools. Below are the many types of machine shop tools. Get to know more about them below.

Different Kinds Of Machine Shop Tools

•    Milling machine — These are used in machining solid materials.

•    Grinding machine — These are used for grinding where an abrasive wheel is used as the cutting tool.

•    Planer — One of the machine shop tools that uses straight or linear movement between the single-point cut tool and work piece to machine a straight tool path.

•    Lathe — This tool will rotate a work piece on its axis to perform various operations like boring, drilling, facing, growing, parting off and threading.

•    Shaper — These tools use straight or linear motion between the work piece and a single-point cutting tool in machining a linear tool path. This is the same with the planer only that it is smaller and comes with a cutter that moves above a fixed space.

•    Broaching machine — This tool utilizes a broach or a toothed tool to remove material. This tool can use two kinds of broaching: rotary or linear.

Other Machine Shop Tools

The other types of tools used by machine shops include threading machines, saws, drill presses and gear shapers. If you are looking for any of these tools for whatever kind of purpose, you should find all these in a reputable machine shop. These shops manufacture a wide range of threading tools, turning tools, boring tools, wear pads, trepan tools, and recessing and grooving tools.

Our machining tools are utilized in various kinds of applications in the engineering industry like machining which includes boring, trepanning, recessing, planning, facing, turning, parting off, deep hole boring, grooving, and internal and external thread cutting.