There are many different industries that are able to take advantage of computer numerical control equipment, more commonly known as CNC machining. The equipment is used to fabricate smaller pieces, as well as make larger pieces that are very precise. The equipment used with CNC machining cuts away at the unwanted material of the larger piece to produce a smaller part. It is a process that benefits both the manufacturer and the end-user. What are some of the specific benefits of custom CNC machining?

Easily customizable – The software which drives the machine making the parts is easy to customize. By just make a few small changes to it, the software can change the way that the machine works and can make changes to the piece that is being manufactured. In some cases, it may be minor changes that are made; in others, you can use the same equipment to manufacture multiple larger pieces as well.

Extremely accurate – Many of the industries that take advantage of CNC machining count on the high degree of accuracy that is available. In most cases, it is possible to get an accuracy of up to 0.005 inches, depending on part that is being worked. You may also find that you are receiving pieces that are much more accurate, especially if multiple pieces are being continually worked by the same machine.

Can work with multiple materials – In most cases, the machines are going to work plastics but there are also computer-controlled machines that work with metals and a number of other materials. This allows for the manufacturing of numerous products. It also makes it possible for multiple pieces of different materials to be produced for the same product at the same location.

Affordability – The amount that you will spend on customized machining is often much less than you will pay for rapid prototyping. Rapid prototyping makes use of 3D CAD data through a process known as additive layer manufacturing (3D printing). Although this does have its place in many industries, you may find that it is more affordable to have customized parts manufactured through CNC machining.

High tolerance – In many manufacturing industries, there is a certain degree of tolerance that is permitted with manufacturing parts. This is something that may differ, depending on the item that is being manufactured. When customized CNC machining is used, it holds to very tight tolerances, which helps to make a consistent piece that will be of benefit to your customer.

Although most customers do not think about the way that individual parts are made, it is important for the development of the product. CNC machining is something that can help you quickly and accurately develop products at a price that is affordable for the end-user. When it is needed for you to have high tolerance and accuracy, you can count on customized CNC machining to give you the parts you need. It is something that can assist in moving your business forward. Call a reputable machining San Jose CA expert now to help you out.