Machining is an arduous and detailed process where even the smallest mistake can impact the entire project in catastrophic ways. With this much pressure, machinists can’t afford to use their best judgement or trust their instincts when fabricating an item. Quality standards and controls have to be in place in order to ensure that the customer gets what they ordered, the way the ordered it, in the timeframe they ordered it, each and every time. Otherwise there is no consistency in the process and the product will suffer as a result.

One of the best ways to counter this is to use statistical process control (SPC) when completing any machining project no matter how large or small. Statistical process control (SPC) helps improve quality and reliability while working to continually reduce operating costs. This is done by gathering and analyzing the data to determine the best manufacturing processes for a particular project and using this process for its completion. By focusing on critical characteristics of a project and setting allowable ranges, companies can ensure parts are produced within acceptable tolerances each and every time. 

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