It used to be that whenever you needed to fabricate an item of any detail or intricacy, you had to contact a craftsman who had the skills to produce it. Quality varied greatly from one craftsman to another as did the time needed to complete the item. If more than one item was needed, you either had to employ more craftsmen or allow enough time for the craftsman you had already hired to complete the additional pieces necessary to fulfill the order. Both approaches had their issues. When using multiple craftsmen, the consistency of quality would vary throughout the life of the project. When using a single craftsman, you greatly added to the cost required to complete the order and the time necessary to fulfill it.

All of this changed with the advent of machining. Machining allowed you to program the exact specification for your product in to the computer one time and that one entry would be enough to ensure a consistent product time and time again. It also solved the issue of time since the products could be produced efficiently and effectively at a much faster rate than what the individual craftsman could accomplish.

We honor craftsman and have a great deal of respect for the skill it takes in order for them to perfect their craft. However, we’re also very proud to be on the cutting edge of machining technology and to be one of the premiere machine shops in the region. If you have a project you’re needing to have completed, contact our offices in San Jose or Santa Clara, CA and let us know how we can help you.