When it comes to machining, there are two words that stand out above the rest and are an integral part to the entire process. These words are, numerical control.

Simply put, numerical control is the automation of machine tools that operate by precisely programmed commands. This is opposed to more manual methods such as those that utilize hand wheels, levers and other mechanical operations.

Computers are used extensively in numerical control. They help program the automation by which the process is set in motion, controlling it by specific numbers, letters and symbols. This programmable operation is used to enable greater ease in operating machines. The program uses numerical control in order to give instructions useful in completing a wide variety of jobs. As the job changes, the program can be rewritten in order to accommodate it. Numerical controls allow the process to be flexible and they are used in a wide variety of applications, allowing various bulk operations to be conducted in a way that is both quicker and cheaper to complete.

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