When it comes to recreating the geometrics of human joints via implants, it is crucial to the medical industry that they have the right machines that will offer precise and consistent results. With that being said, having multi-axis CNC machines and professional machinists to run them are vital for the medical industry. In order for them to be able to offer several of their services, the medical community has to rely on machined parts to produce the instruments that they need. 

What CNC Parts Are Created For The Medical Industry?

You may be wondering what types of instruments CNC machines create solely for the medical industry. Some parts include surgical tools, medical pump parts, equipment for both CT and MRI scanners, and instruments for spinal and bone fixations. 

Most of these parts require the use of metals that are more exotic than what you would use for other CNC machining projects. These include titanium, brass, alloys, medical-grade stainless steel, just to name a few. With the exotic materials needed and the intricacy of the parts being designed, creating medical equipment is no easy task for CNC machinists. 

This Industry Requires Quality Results.

Due to the challenges faced when creating medical instruments, it is crucial that the machinists record and document the specific details of their designs. Old medical equipment is often getting switched out for fresh, new materials. With that being said, it is important that the product a machinist makes now can also be duplicated in a day, month, and even year’s time. That is why documentation is so important. 

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