machiningHigh speed CNC machining is the manufacture of products at fast machining speeds. The idea behind this method is simple: the faster manufacturers can make parts, the faster than can prepare their orders and the faster their products enter the market. However, high speed machining is not as simple as it seems to be. CNC machinists will have to use several techniques and rely on their technologies to ensure its success.

Software Used In High Speed Machining

Before a part is manufactured, it is mostly analyzed with computer-aided manufacturing software, or CAM software. This kind of software will help create machining tool paths and identify the fastest possible speeds at which a machining center can operate without sacrificing the quality of that particular part. A product of this sort can boost cutting speeds to up to 10 times faster, for instance, than it would be used without this software. In turn, such an increase in cutting speeds cycle time enhances productivity.

Tooling Used In High Speed Machining

High speed CNC machining is not exactly high speed if there needs to be constant maintenance on machining centers. One way that this might happen is through the wearing down of cutting tools. Machining experts say that a combination of physical and thermal stress can make short work of such equipment. However, a way to prolong tool life is to switch to carbide or diamond tools with honed cutting edges. It is said that carbide and diamond-based tools feature strength and heat generation properties, making them last longer so there is less downtime in operations.

Equipment Knowledge In High Speed Machining

For high speed CNC machines to work as efficiently as possible, you need to know how to operate machines to their full potential. This is done with proper expertise and training on the use of the equipment. For instance, in a peak system, all elements in a machining center should operate just below their peaks so none of the components are overworked. Running machines at their maximum speeds can lead to damaged end parts or machine components. This, in turn will turn slow times, allowing for the efficient creation of the needed parts in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

Collaboration In High Speed Machining

Machining certain parts might require more specialized tooling than others. If machinists are always running into problems with things like spindle wear and other tooling features, they might consider speaking with the suppliers and designers from where they receive their tools. This way, they can collaborate and receive recommendations as to the improvement of tooling work efficiency, regardless of their application. Educating the supplier and designer about certain challenges and directly learning from them is an easy way to enhance productivity.

Indeed, high speed CNC machining is something that is better left in the hands of the experts. If you are considering getting a part designed and formed in the quickest time possible, contact a reputable machine shop in your locality that specialized in high speed CNC machining.