Very few shops today perform frequency response measurements to determine the best, chatter-free spindle speeds and cut depths for machines.

However, a much greater number of these shops do indeed run at something like these optimal parameters, but come to these conclusions through much trial and error. Rather than measuring to find the exact configuration, they’ll simply keep adjusting the machine until it cuts smoothly with very little chatter. Once found, they’ll cut as deep as they can with that particular tool at the speed which they’ve now found to work. The difference is, measuring to find the parameters adds time, allowing the process to work much faster a time…is money.

A quality shop won’t waste any time to guess what the parameters should be. We make sure to measure the part and to carefully then fabricate it.

This attention to detail is what allows our product and our company to continue to offer the same great product each and every day. It’s what keeps our customers coming back over and over again because they know our word is our bond and here, we take everyone the same. If you’re needing something fabricated, contact our offices in Santa Clara, Santa Barbara CA, or Phoenix AZ. We’ll be happy to serve you.