Quick Turn Prototype

Euro Machining is versatile in its production capabilities and can quickly and easily manufacture small orders to validate the engineers designs before ramping up into full-scale production. With a dedicated staff and equipment available, quick turn manufacturing becomes hassle-free. We can work with engineers to develop and design products that will work while offering a high quality of work at a competitive price.

CNC Machining Parts

CNC machining services are ideal for manufacturing components needed for production, including fixtures, jigs, gauges, molds, dies, cutting equipment, and patterns.

CNC Machines

Depending on the type of part that needs to be machined, there are different types of CNC machines best fit for the job. CNC milling utilizes CNC mills, which consist of a multi-axis system (three, four, or five axes, depending on the part complexity). CNC turning involves Lathe machines, which generally have 2 axes and cut pieces using a circular motion. Electric discharge machines (EDM) utilize electrical sparks in order to mold workpieces into the desired shape. Hobbing is another type of machining process used for cutting gears, splines, and sprockets. Additional CNC machine types include plasma cutters and water jet cutters.

Contact Euro Machining

Please call us at (408) 845-9300, or send us an email via the form on our website for more information about quick-turn prototype. Thanks for your interest!