CNC machining is doing a lot to enable production to enter the next generation of what’s possible. Computer programmers and design engineers have transformed the practice of machining into a precision art.

CNC Machining has man advantages including the ability to make more complex cuts with more accuracy. It also helps to reduce costs, reduce lead times, improve quality and reduce tooling while increasing productivity for the company that utilizes it in its production process.

CNC machining is demonstrating how a new generation of computer programmers and design engineers has transformed the practice of machining into a precision art. There might be fine conventional machining techniques available today, but many manufacturers now opt for CNC machining because of the many advantages that its process has to offer.

Some additional advantages are as follows…

  • An ability to replicate designs with exact precision.
  • The ability to produce thousands of parts that are identical to each other in short amounts of time, faster than conventional machining could ever achieve.
  • The ability to be operated continuously 24/7 with only small windows of down time for maintenance.
  • The ability to accept updates of software and to be reprogrammed in short amounts of time. This allows them to quickly move from the production of one part to another. They also can revert to constructing past parts just as easily.
  • Visually testing the outcome of every new program allows designers to preview and perfect the result.
  • Advances software allows CNC machines to make some products that could not be made by hand under any circumstances, further adding to their value.
  • Because the machine does the skilled work, it allows training costs for workers to be reduced or eliminated. Most CNC machine operation can be taught in a virtual environment and once the first completed part has been inspected, the rest will only need minimal inspection from time to time to verify quality control.
  • They only need the supervision of one worker. Once programmed, they can work autonomously by themselves, free of human error while also reducing work load. This also serves to improve the safety of the plant as workers are not using as many dangerous tools.
  • They come with automated cooling systems, protecting the equipment from heat damage. They may incorporate chip storage and conveyor belt waste removal.
  • They can be used to make a variety of both plastic and metal parts.

CNC machining increases accuracy, productivity and results in savings for the firm that employs it. To learn more about machining and how we can help you with your production needs, contact our offices in San Jose and Santa Clara, CA. We’ll look forward to hearing from you.