There are plenty of options available for those looking to hire a machine shop. However, not all machine shops are created equal. If you’re looking for a machine shop for your next project, here are a few factors to consider

Experience – you need a show that has its doors open for at least five years with personnel who have a wide variety of knowledge and experience. A great machine shop with experienced staff will be able to find the best solutions for your project, ensuring that it’s completed on time and within budget.

Reputation – Ask around for referrals and for pictures of completed or installed work. You want to see if the machine shop is capable of fabricating and completing machining projects that are similar to yours. Also, by contacting the references provided, you’ll get a feel for how the shop treats clients and what their experience has been working with that particular shop.

Technology – Newer isn’t necessarily better, especially when there’s a wide variety of projects to complete. Having a solid mixture of new and old machines that can be used for variety of services is what separates good machine shops from great ones. Any shop that claims to provide a variety of services will also need a variety of machines in order to perform those services. Ask questions about the machines that will be used on your project and how they function. Having the right machine throughout the process can save you time and money on the project.

Communication – You need a machine shop that will work well with you throughout the life or your project and is good at keeping the lines of communication clear and open. This will help to make sure any misunderstandings are clarified before they begin to eat into the bottom line.

If you’re looking for a machine shop to complete your next project, contact our offices in Los Gatos, CA and let us know how we can help you.