Let’s look back at the CNC (computer numeric control) trends of 2023.

Greater Integration of Additive Technologies

3D printing saw some exciting development this year, as this technology has also been greatly improved when combined with CNC Machining. 3D printing allows for a lot of flexibility (both in the use of the technology and the actual products) for projects. It also allows for incredibly quick and cheaper prototyping, allowing engineers to proof their designs and parts significantly faster than before. Add CNC machining to the mix, and suddenly 3D printing becomes much more precise as accuracy increases dramatically.

Increased use of AI and Machine Learning in CNC

A shocking development from this year no doubt, artificial intelligence has swept over the world at an astounding rate. Several industries across the board have been transformed or affected by AI, and it has certainly done the same to CNC.
Some of the benefits of using AI in CNC include constant vigilance during production, as AI can spot defections, anomalies, and problems before anyone else. Another benefit would be the speed and ease at which AI systems can accurately analyze data from machines. AI will help in decision-making, providing ample feedback and helping to further improve the efficiency and workflow of production.

More Speed, More Precision

Technology continues to improve, and the speed and quality of CNC machining is no different. Machines have increased the speed at which they work by a great margin this year. Accuracy and precision have likewise improved as well. Error compensation technology such as slack compensation, pitch error, tool error, and the like can compensate for any issues during production—issues like hardware space errors and Thermal deformation.

Robots & Automation

The field of robotics, much like AI, has also seen explosive growth this year. Especially for larger-scale production, automation has allowed for fast, accurate, and constant work. A trend for the coming years appears to be the automating of entire factories. Automation has some major benefits, such as increasing productivity and consistency in production and saving in labor costs.

However, smaller-scale production and especially prototyping will most likely remain in the realm of human work, due to the particularities of these individualized projects and pieces.


We at Euro Machining are excited to see what the new year has in store for us and the CNC industry at large! There seems to be no end to the evolution of technology, and we are determined to grow alongside it as well.