Euro Machining offers CNC Milling and Turning technologies. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. These machines are automated milling devices that make industrial components without direct human assistance. They use coded instructions that are sent to an internal computer, which allows factories to fabricate parts accurately and quickly. There are many different types of CNC machines, ranging from drills to plasma cutters, so they can be used to make a wide variety of parts. Though most are used industrially in manufacturing, there are also hobby versions of most of the machines that can be used in private homes.

The most common CNC machines are milling machines, lathes, and grinders. Grinders use a spinning wheel to grind down materials, and mold metal or plastic into the desired shape. They’re easy to program, so they’re usually used for projects that do not require the same precision as mills or lathes. Besides these, there are also CNC routers, which are used to make cuts in a variety of materials; as well as computer programmable 3D printers; and turret punches, which are used to make holes in metal or plastic. This technology can also be used with different types of cutters, including those that work with water, lasers, and plasma.

A new machining process developed by Weisser Corp. was created to eliminate the necessity of transferring workpieces with close-tolerance specifications from lathe to grinding machine for final machining.

One method available from machine tool manufacturers that accomplishes scroll-free hard turning is rotational turning, developed by German builder Weisser Corp. Rotational turning technology eliminates the need for grinding because of special kinematics between the rotating workpiece and a rotating tool that creates a twist-free surface on a turning machine. The result is, compared with conventional machining rotational turning allows a reduction in machining times of more than 70 percent, with higher process reliability and longer tool life.

Euro Machining has built a solid reputation of providing machined components to a wide variety of technologies, utilizing the most modern equipment, technology and resources available. With a loyal and dedicated staff, Euro Machining delivers parts to the highest standards on schedule to our customers. To learn more about our CNC, prototype, and production machining services, contact our headquarters in San Jose, CA.