These days, it seems that everyone is talking about 3d printing. Simply put, 3d printing has changed the way we prototype items and has allowed us to make models faster than what was previously thought to be possible. Being able to make prototypes quickly lets us see them in their completed form, allowing us to correct any design flaws before going into mass production. While all 3d printing is a form of machining, not all machining is 3d printing. 3d printing is limited in what materials it can use and the speed at which it can complete a project. It’s a great addition to machining, but is not a replacement in its current state. A good machine shop is still necessary to fabricate larger, heavier items which require metalwork in their construction. A machine shop can also produce mass quantities at a quicker pace, allowing you to save money throughout the life of the project. As 3d printing continues to evolve, it will replace some of the machines used in machine work today. Once that happens, many machine shops will simply adapt to the new technology, bringing their experience and expertise in line with the new equipment. Rest assured, good machinists and machine shops are only getting started and 3d printing is the start of a new beginning.

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